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DATE: 2020-03-06
FORGIVENESS   «semanticjournals»  !!!

FORGIVENESS   «semanticjournals»  !!!

 “MY EDU ASSIST” convincingly asks scientific researchers and applicants to prepare and submit their scientific articles and monographs based on the results of scientific research planned for publication in international scientific journals indexed by foreign countries “Impact Factor”, “Scopus”, “ScienceDirect”  "And" Web of Science ":

 @ Article title, surname, name and patronymic of authors, place of work, as well as

 authors email address.

 @ The article should consist of the following sections:

 # Abstract (no more than 300 words)

 # Keywords (7 words in alphabetical order)

 # Literature analysis

 # Research method

 # Scientific conclusion and conclusion

 # Used literature (at least 10-15 literature)

 An article, for example, can be written in the font “Cambria shriftis”, but it should be remembered that the font in foreign scientific journals of each foreign country can be different, the article is prepared in A4 format, from all sides remains from 2.5 cm.

 Used literature - should begin with the letter "A" and end with "I".

 For instance,

 - if the journal:

 Harris, M., Carper, E., Hoffman D., De Niro, Robert Cruz.  (2001).  Writing Labs and Hollywood Relations.  Journal of Motion Picture Arts, 44 (3), 213-245.

 - if the article (DOI):

 Slifke, M. K., Whittan, J. L. (2000).  Clinical consequences of dysregulation of cytokine production.  Molekulyarnay Medisini Magazine,

 - if the book:

 Calfee, R. C., Valencia, R. R. (1991).  APA guidelines for preparing manuscripts for publication in a journal.  Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

 - if the chapter in the contents of the book:

 O'Neil, J. M., & Eaten, J. (1992).  The journey of men and women on gender roles: a metaphor for resettlement, transcoding, and transformation.  The Case of B.R. Weinrib (Ed.), Gender Issues in the Framework of the Entire Life Cycle (ul. 107-123).  New York: Springer.

 - if an online document:

 Abu-Allaban, J., Dell, M. L. Greenberg, V. Lomako, Y., Peteet, I. Torres, M., & Cowell, V. (2006).  Religious / spiritual obligations and psychiatric practice.  Resource document, American Psychiatric Association.http: // Date of treatment June 25, 2007.

 “MY EDU ASSIST” provides practical assistance to scientists in the preparation of scientific articles and monographs, to test “plagiarism”, for a quality translation from the national language into international English, and also helps in the preparation and publication of scientific articles and monographs in magazines and conferences  indexed on the base of foreign countries "Impact Factor", "Scopus", "ScienceDirect" and "Web of Science".

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