Uniqueness check (plagiarism)

Uniqueness check (plagiarism)

Verification of uniqueness is one of the most important criteria when publishing to international databases like Scopus or Web of Science (WoS), VAK. Such checks on the originality of articles in journals can be performed using special software programs. The article must have unique content to meet the high requirements of the selected Journal. Material with a lot of plagiarism contributes to the poor reputation of the author in his further scientific work. Over time, the consequences and punishment for plagiarism become more severe, so it is very important to check the text for originality. Reviewers are very strict about the exclusivity of the publication and often reject it without the right to further consideration if the percentage of uniqueness is lower than required.

The fact is that each author in a scientific study relies on the opinions of other scientists, researchers, spends a lot of time searching for information suitable for his chosen subject. It quotes materials from other scientists and provides links to their works, if they were published earlier.

If you use materials from other scientists, then you should not rewrite everything, it is better to retell the information received in your own words. Also, copying from textbooks is not worth it, since there are also printed publications on the Internet, so this can also affect the uniqueness of your text.

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