Editing and Design

Editing and Design

All scientists who are engaged in scientific activities and want to publish their work in international journals included in the Scopus scientometric database should know the rules of design and the necessary criteria for the selected journal. The article must be correctly subtracted and edited before submission to the publication. Often, a scientist is so immersed in research that he may no longer see some nuances and errors.


Some basic design factors occur during publication.

► The presence of annotations and keywords.

► The division of the text of the article into paragraphs: Introduction, Main part, Conclusion, References.

► Design of the article following the requirements of the magazine.

► The article is understandable and useful, the relevance of the topic is clearly expressed.

► Clarity and accuracy of information. The structure is built logically and meets all the requirements of scientometric databases.

► The article has been translated into scientific English.

► There are no stylistic and spelling errors, jargons, abbreviations, unions, slang, adverbs.

► The list of references is executed by GOST.

But, if you understand that there are shortcomings in the work, it is better to immediately send it for editing. Reviewers in international databases are very demanding on the design and content of the authors. Therefore, it is important for a scientist that his article be correctly written and formatted according to IMRAD standards (introduction, methods, results and discussion), otherwise the work will be rejected.

Scientific research is always a complex structure, a unique topic and terminology, which requires a competent look and proofreading by a professional in this scientific field. To achieve a high level of editing, our company cooperates with specialists in their scientific fields, who have extensive experience in editing and adapting materials and take into account all standards of international publications.

If you need to finalize the article, but you don’t have time or you doubt that you’ll do it right, you can contact us about this issue. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of the work and tell you whether the help of our editors will be needed. If necessary, we will help prepare the publication for publication in international databases, taking into account all the high standards of the selected journal.

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